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Based on the alarming growth of Messianic congregations throughout the country and scores of testimonials from new "Jewish believers in Jesus" in Israel, it appears evangelical groups are achieving unspeakable success.


We believe it is important to be pro-active in confronting missionary influence and movements in the Jewish homeland, while striving to maintain an atmosphere of mutual respect and cooperation with Christian friends of the State of Israel.


Missionaries & Israeli Television

Israel has only 2 cable TV networks. HOT & YES are regulated by the government and reach the homes of millions of Israelis.


While no government regulators were paying attention, Beyneynu exposed that HOT had signed contracts with evangelical organizations to broadcast openly missionary content into Israeli homes.


Yes network has contracts with Day Star, also boasting to bring the gospel of Jesus into Israeli homes. 


While it is illegal to proselytize to minors in the state of Israel, HOT cable network offers missionary cartoons targeting children through their VOD service.

Missionaries & The IDF

While nobody would limit the gifts and appreciation show to our soldiers, there are many missionary organizations that use this fact as an opportunity to reach young and vulnerable Israeli's who are away from home and often in situations where the connections they make to people giving those gifts open the door to persuasive arguments about their faith.

Missionaries & Education

In recent years there has been significant impact on Israeli education in the form of introducing large amounts of Christian teachings in public school curriculum. There have also been communities that have outsourced their summer camp programs to Evangelicals. Programs claiming to teach Israel advocacy and leadership skills are discovered to be missionary run campuses.

Missionaries & The Settlement Movement

The political division among Jews regarding Judea and Samaria is great. However, among Evangelical Christians it is not. They fully support Israeli sovereignty and work to redeem this land by all means necessary.



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Our endeavors with faith based organizations should be approached with a sense of pride combined with an acute sense of self-awareness, purpose and responsibility... the name and reputation of the State of Israel is at stake.