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Beyneynu is a non-profit organization that monitors missionary activity in Israel and abroad. We collaborate with government and community leaders to raise awareness about the dangers of Jewish evangelism and encourage healthy boundaries in our interfaith relationships. While we strive to maintain a spirit of mutual respect and cooperation with Christian allies of the State of Israel, we also recognize the importance of being proactive in confronting missionary influence and movements in the Jewish homeland. Despite ongoing debates over Jewish identity in Israel for the past 75 years, Christianity has always been considered a line that should not be crossed.

While partnering with Christian leaders and organizations can bring benefits to Israel, it is crucial not to enable missionary activity. Unfortunately, key institutions in Israeli society are now actively cooperating with missionaries and allowing them to freely recruit young and vulnerable Israelis, marking a concerning trend.

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Shannon Nuszen

Founder and Director

Shannon Nuszen, a former Evangelical Christian missionary, grew up studying and analyzing Christian scriptural polemics as the daughter of a former Assemblies of God minister. She was deeply immersed in the Evangelical Christian movement from a young age and even traveled with her father as an evangelist in his ministry. Her involvement in the movement provided her with knowledge of the inner workings and manipulative tactics used to convert Jews to Christianity.

As a young adult, Shannon became involved in the Christian messianic movement and affiliated with some of the most deceptive missionary organizations to enter the Jewish community. She has since converted to Judaism and regrets her past associations. Her experience has given her an intimate knowledge of the Christian missionary agenda, which she uses to educate Jewish communities in Israel and the Diaspora about its dangers.

Shannon has worked in various roles within the counter-missionary field for over fifteen years, and recently began speaking publicly about her personal Jewish journey. Her story has been featured in several publications, including The Jerusalem Post, Hamodia, Mishpacha, Hidabroot, Ami Magazine, and has been promoted by organizations such as Aish HaTorah and the Orthodox Union (OU).

After moving to Israel, Shannon founded Beyneynu, an organization that monitors missionary activity in Israel and abroad, and raises awareness of the missionary agenda among Jewish leadership and the worldwide Jewish community. Beyneynu has successfully dealt with high-profile cases that have shaken the Jewish world in recent years and is often cited as a go-to source on missionaries in the news. Shannon is also a sought-after lecturer and inspirational speaker at Jewish events worldwide.

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