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Shannon Nuszen

Former Evangelical Missionary 

and Founder of Beyneynu


A former Evangelical Christian missionary, Shannon Nuszen grew up steeped in the study and analysis of Christian scriptural polemics. The daughter of a former Assemblies of God minister, she was immersed in the Evangelical Christian movement from an early age, even traveling with her father as an evangelist in his ministry. Her involvement in this movement acquainted her with the inner workings and behind-the-scenes tactics and manipulation used to convert Jews to Christianity.


​As a young adult Shannon became engrossed in the Christian messianic movement and affiliated with some of the most deceptive missionary organizations ever to penetrate the Jewish world. Today she is Jewish, and although she wholeheartedly regrets her earlier associations, she knows they provided her with an intimate knowledge of the Christian missionary agenda, a knowledge that enables her to educate the Jewish communities in Israel and the Diaspora about the dangers this agenda poses to them.


After her conversion to Judaism some fifteen years ago, Shannon began working in various roles within the counter-missionary field. However, it is only recently that she began speaking publicly about her personal Jewish journey. Since then, her story has appeared in The Jerusalem Post, has been featured by Aish HaTorah and the Orthodox Union (OU), and has been carried by a host of other print and online publications.  


After moving to Israel, Shannon founded Beyneynu, an organization that monitors missionary activity in Israel and abroad and works to bring awareness of the missionary agenda to Jewish leadership and the worldwide Jewish community. Beyneynu has successfully dealt with some of the most high-profile cases that have rocked the Jewish world in the recent past and is frequently quoted in the news as the go-to source on missionaries.

Three lecture experiences to choose from:



Shannon shares the story of her fascinating journey from Christian missionary to Jew by choice. It is a telling of her once-passionate dedication to the Church coupled with her love for the Jewish people, and how these driving forces fueled her desire to bring Jews to Jesus. What started as a commitment to become a better missionary sent Shannon on an insatiable quest for truth that turned her world upside down. This is an inspirational lecture intended to help Jewish audiences understand the unique privilege of being Jewish and why someone would “Choose to be Chosen.”

Shannon shares a brief description of her journey from Christian missionary to Jew by choice, and describes how she founded Beyneynu, an organization that has successfully dealt with some of the most high-profile cases in the recent past. Beyneynu has made major news headlines and has become the leading voice in alerting the Jewish world to the infiltration of missionaries into its midst, as well as to the dangerous techniques missionaries use to bring Jews to Jesus.


Shannon shares a brief description of her journey from Christian missionary to Jew by choice. She details how, while working as an evangelist, she managed to infiltrate Jewish communities, and describes the techniques she used to lure Jews into conversations about Jesus and manipulate them to convert to Christianity. The intent of this lecture is to make Jewish audiences aware of the techniques used by missionaries to lure the most vulnerable among us, as well as the dangers of letting down our guard and what we can do as individuals and as a community to arm ourselves against these deceptive tactics. 

Disclosure: To explain the most persuasive techniques, this lecture includes New Testament source material to show how the Church purposely mistranslates and misconstrues verses in Tanach to support the Christian claim that Jesus is the Jewish messiah.

Beyneynu has additional speakers available upon request, depending on your area and the needs of your community.

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