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I received missionary materials in my community.
What should I do?

Are Missionary materials showing up at your home? Parks? Bus stops? Synagogues? Libraries?




When sending materials, please be sure to include a brief explanation of the city it was found, where it was placed (mailbox? doorstep? personally given?), who it appears to have been targeting (youth, elderly, children, religious, non-religious?), and when.


How does this help us?


1. IDENTIFICATION - Obtaining the materials and information about where they were collected helps us to identify which missions are active in what locations, who they're targeting, and the methods that are employed by these particular groups.


2. EDUCATION - The missionary message is constantly evolving and new techniques are being employed all the time. These materials help us to know what tactics are being used so that we can better respond via education and awareness.


3. LEGISLATION - The bombardment of missionary materials targeting the Jewish people has reached an all time high. The deceptive appearance, packaging, and methods used to get Jews to read it is downright offensive. By collecting these materials and information on who and how they're being used will help is make a physical presentation on the severity of the issue.


We would also appreciate photographs of the material, and where it was found.

Materials can be send via mail, email, or WhatsApp:


Beyneynu - בינינו

PO Box 2489

Jerusalem, Israel 9102401

Beyneynu - בינינו
8544 West Bellfort, PMB 152
Houston, TX 77071



WhatsApp: +1-917-387-4330

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