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Gavriel Aryeh Sanders

Former Missionary, Educator, Speaker

About gavriel aryeh sanders

Gavriel Aryeh Sanders is a 21-year old Jew, though he looks a little older than that.  He was born in Atlanta GA to moderate Christians – his father a Baptist and his mother a Catholic.  

Gavriel's teen years were troubles and he became a child of the streets, eventually dropping out of high school and into the drug culture of those days.  But there was a spiritual spark in him.  When someone shared the Christian message of the love of God, he responded with curiosity, then commitment, becoming a zealous born again believer in J-C.

He has a degree in biblical studies and did graduate work in Hebrew language, the historical geography of ancient Israel, applied linguistics, music and recording arts.  He was ordained as a minister by the International Church of the Foursquare Gospel and he served several years at Dr Jack Hayford's 10,000 member Southern California congregation.  


In the late 70's/early 80's, Gavriel was sent as a missionary in Israel, where he operated mostly within secular kibbutzim.  His knowlegde of the Bible, the Hebrew language, and influentional connections in Israel gave him ample opportunity to bring the gospel to the Jewish people he encountered on a daily basis.

At one point, due to his missionizing, he was expelled from a kibbutz and put on the “black list” of משרד הפנים, the Israel Ministry of Interior, and for a time, he was no longer permitted to enter the state of Israel.  

Gavriel loved the Bible, but over time, he had increasing difficulty with the translation and interpretation of the Christian Scriptures. His life was turned around, and eyes opened when he bagan to study the Tanach in it's original Hebrew language.  

On a personal dare to himself, he decided to investigate Judaism as spiritual path. After a nine-month course, he had what he calls “a quick and easy” conversion. But, he insatiable appetite for Torah led him to search for more

That led Gavriel on a more rigorous conversion path through the Rabbinical Council of California. In 1999, a new Jew was born in the mikveh of Los Angeles – Gavriel Aryeh ben Avrohom Avinu.  

Within a year, Gavriel moved to New York.  In 2002, he began a ten-year relationship with ArtScroll Mesorah Publications where he helped them in many aspects of marketing and public relations, working to promote the works of many well-known authors whose books - and cookbooks - may have a place in your home.   During those years, he returned to one of his personal passions - the world of radio, producing and hosting several hundred unique broadcasts on Five Towns Radio, Zev Brenner's Talkline Communications Network, Israel National Radio and the Nachum Segal Show. 


Gavriel has spoken to tens of thousands of Jews across North America and in such distant places as Costa Rica and Singapore.  Professionally, he serves as a rebbe at SKA high school, where he teaches novice, intermediate, and honors level Hebrew, as well as modern Jewish history.

multiple programs available on various platforms:




Gavriel tells of his fascinating journey to Judaism, his life as a missionary in Israel, and why he chose Orthodox Judaism in his lectures: A Ministers Journey to Judaism, Seven Reasons I Became a Jew, Inside the Missionary Mind



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