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March 20, 2022


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TWO massive missionary organizations are set to converge on New York City this summer.

Both Chosen People Ministries (CPM) and International Board of Jewish Missions (IBJM) are calling on missionaries across America to join a massive campaign to target Jews in New York this summer. The campaigns are offering subsidized accommodations and evangelism training by professional missionaries.

The International Board of Jewish Missions published a 2 page pamphlet advertising the event which will begin with the Israel Day Parade in NYC, an event where thousands of Jewish people will march through the streets of New York in celebration of the reestablishment of the state of Israel, and end on the Jewish holiday of Shavuot, known as “the day of Pentecost” to Christianity.

Chosen People Ministries has come under fire recently after their efforts to target vulnerable refugees from the Ukraine were publicized in Israel. Chosen People Ministries' "goal is to get people to believe in Jesus" and will target Ukrainian Jewish refugees who arrive in the State of Israel, the head of the Messianic Jewish nonprofit group told The Jerusalem Post last week.

An article in Arutz 7 revealed a post on the ministry’s website that the organization was planning a mass baptism of refugees. They are seeking “baptism” as a public profession of their faith in Jesus and an initiation into the Christian community.

Glaser has been very vocal in media interviews about the goals of their organization and claims that they are not deceptive. He states that the post about the planned baptism is old, but admits this is indeed the goal of the ministry.

Beyneynu agrees that the GOAL of these organizations to bring the Jewish people to Christ is not hidden, but argues that it is their METHODS that are extremely deceptive.

Glaser claims that when a Jewish person gives their life to Jesus Christ, they are not converting to Christianity but becoming a “completed Jew” (a Jew who accepts Jesus as the Jewish messiah).

In an interview with The Jewish Chronicle, Glaser was asked what the significance was in the mass baptism they were conducting with Ukrainian refugees who came to faith in Jesus? His response was “we still believe baptism is similar to mikveh and not outside the pale of Jewish life”.

Beyneynu wishes to alert the Jewish community that these organizations and their methods are indeed deceptive. Their goal this summer in New York City is to trigger their belief in the second coming of Jesus. In order to do this the Jewish people, en masse, must convert to Christianity.

A promotional video for the trip shows footage of Orthodox Jews in New York and an evangelist saying the trip is “an opportunity to reach the Jewish people”, explaining: “In the whole United States, the majority of Jewish people are in Brooklyn. So what better place to come and reach them with the gospel, the good news, of Yeshua Messiah.”

According to Shannon Nuszen, director of Beyneynu a nonprofit organization that monitors missionary activity, the messianic movement emerged in the mid-70’s.

"The idea of the movement was to blur the distinction between Judaism and Christianity in order to lure Jews who would reject the straight forward message of the church. It’s nothing more than a change in PR.”

“To claim that a Jew can reject the very basic tenets of the Jewish faith while remaining Jewish is akin to stating you’re a vegetarian while maintaining an all meat diet. There is absolutely no difference between what Mitch Glaser believes and the teachings of the Southern Baptist denomination. Chosen People Ministries has simply repackaged Christianity in a Jewish wrapping. They will be employing these deceptive tactics in New York City this summer, and we simply want Jews to be aware." she says.




Beyneynu is a non-profit organization that monitors missionary activity in Israel and abroad.  We work with government and community leaders in order to raise awareness of the danger of Jewish evangelism.  We therefore encourage safe and consistent boundaries in our interfaith relationships.



ATTACHED:  Promotional material from IBJM and CPM campaigns.

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