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The demarcation between Christian support for Israel and Evanagelical Christian conversion efforts must be clearly stated and practiced at all levels of community, religious, economic and political involvement.






This Declaration has been written by alert Israeli citizens and missionary awareness consultants concerned about the growing influence and activities of missionary groups who operate within Israeli private and public sector organizations and affiliate with Jewish leaders.


Five years ago there were fifteen thousand Jews in Israel who were converts to Christianity.  Today, missionaries boast that the number has doubled to thirty-thousand. Experts in the counter missionary field are reporting the same alarming rate of Jews who are joining the church.  Unfortunately, missionaries have been successful in targeting vulnerable Israeli populations and converting Jews to Christianity. Their efforts go largely unchecked. Missionary/proselytizing laws and related border entry regulations are deficient and seldom enforced.

There is a wealth of information indicating that most evangelical organizations supporting Israel on the political, economic, and humanitarian fronts are also directly or indirectly involved in supporting a growing Christian messianic restoration movement in Israel and in missionary efforts directed at the Jewish people. This existential spiritual threat is being overlooked by Jewish leadership in both Israel and the Diaspora.


Counter missionary advocates have made various attempts to work with Israeli institutions and leaders behind the scenes in a supportive manner, to aide in the establishment of respectful boundaries with evangelical Christian organizations but are largely being met with denial and resistance.


To get an indication of the severity of the problem, there are currently more than 300 messianic organizations active in Israel today, including congregations, “ministries”, schools, guest houses, stores, tourist agencies, cultural venues, and other businesses. There are over 200 websites operating in Israel that target the Israeli population with the intention of converting them to Christianity.

Partnering with Christian leaders and organizations offers Israel many benefits if it does not cross the line and enable missionary activity. However, key Israeli institutions are actively cooperating with missionaries, giving them free reign to preach their faith among vulnerable Israeli populations.  

There is no question that there are many fine, upstanding gentiles who support Israel. And while certain strategic, moral and political alliances with the non-Jewish world are to be lauded and encouraged, it is both naïve and misleading to deny the serious consequences of Israel’s unregulated relationship with impassioned evangelical Christians.