Beyneynu is a non-profit organization that monitors missionary activity in Israel and works with government and community leaders to create awareness of the challenges facing the public and to facilitate the establishment of proper boundaries in their partnerships with faith-based organizations.

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Finding Dignity in Our Differences 

We believe it is important to be pro-active in confronting missionary influence and movements in the Jewish homeland, while striving to maintain an atmosphere of mutual respect and cooperation with Christian friends of the State of Israel.


Israel is fast reaching the tipping point, where Christian missionary organizations become an accepted part of the Israeli mainstream. For 72 years Israeli society – religious and secular, right wing and left, have argued about the meaning of Jewish identity, but we always drew the line when it came to accepting Christianity.


Partnering with Christian leaders and organizations offers Israel many benefits if it does not cross the line and enable missionary activity.


Now, for the first time, key institutions in Israeli society are actively cooperating with missionaries, giving them free reign to preach their faith among young and vulnerable Israelis.


Over the past ten years we have been monitoring the situation and have brought awareness through reports, meetings, conferences and consultations with Knesset and municipal representatives, rabbinic leadership throughout Israel, and Israeli-Diaspora organizations such as the Jewish Agency, B'nai B'rith, and the Orthodox Union. We have proposed that Israeli institutions operate with a code of conduct, or a set of guidelines when working with non-Jewish faith-based organizations, especially those with a focus on converting others.


Respect - Honesty - Integrity

Beyneynu works to produce and promote presentations, public lectures, and conferences directed towards educating Jewish leadership and organizations.



Beyneynu works to advance a non-theological dialogue of respect and boundaries with other faith communities, encouraging honesty and transparency. Beyneynu also works with leadership in an effort to  guide those engaged in interfaith endeavors.


Beyneynu consults with legal sources and advise lawmakers regarding the many challenges in relationship with faith-based organizations, including “religious freedoms”. Beyneynu also works to initiate legal and civil campaigns and petitions to respond to missionary advances.


Beyneynu regularly generates video productions, media articles, reports and public awareness alerts.




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